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August 31, 2014

Other reviews made by students will be bad. The other students mostly review the social characteristics of the school and therefore cannot be taken into account. They say that if you "don't have the right last name" or if you aren't in sports you are "nothing", and that is true for any school. I can say, however, being one of the "known" students(I guess) that people from different social groups do get along here. Students who leave negative reviews about the social whereabouts of this school I can confidently say are the students who do not put themselves forward and are not involved in school activities. I am a junior taking PAP and AP classes, and the teachers are definitely sufficient in my eyes. I am struggling but that is what you're supposed to do in advanced classes. And yes, the food is putrid, but that is state/nation mandated and can be blamed on Michelle Obama... This school is safe and punishment fair for everyone. Dresscode is strict but you can't expect anything else from old town, republican Texas. This school is 6 years old and is easily accessible by the physically handicapped. The life skills program is great and I love being involved with all of the kids.

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December 28, 2013

This school is not one you want your kids going to. If your not sports, have a popular last name or fit into their mindset of what you have to be like then your nothing. The guidance counselors only help you if they believe you have a chance for a future, Teachers don't care much. I've had several teachers, and I was only there from 10-12 grade, who didn't care and let us do whatever. Don't sent your kids here if you want a bright future for them.

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August 3, 2013

Extremely Unsatisfactory.I have attended this school district for 3 yrs,grades 8-10 and is directly behind many of the reasons why i am dropping out and going to Job Corps to get my GED to get a head start on college.Their only primary concerns are Attendance,their beyond ridiculous dress code(which doesn't apply to people in sports/cheerleading) and sports(the sports teams here are a joke and win about a quarter or a third of all of their games).Everything else is a secondary concern,including grades/education.the food here is mostly sub-par and is expensive,almost all electives are agriculture/or related,only a handful of electives are available outside of agricultural field,most of the teachers are dumb/incompetent and play favorites with certain students(and even cheat for them)there are a few exceptions but rare,the town's general attitude is no different in the school system.they hate LGBT,military,non-protestant christians and ppl of any other religion,anybody who isn't white and conservative,and in general anybody who isn't born and raised locally.I fall under all of the above and had a really difficult time and the odds were always against me.PS i was a quiet loner.DONT GO

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July 16, 2013

Lampasas High School provides a solid, if unspectacular, education. The student body is too diverse socioeconomically to pretend it is an ideal college prep school. That being said, the kids in the top half of their class go on to college and seem to do okay. Teachers, for the most part, care about their students and communicate with parents who are concerned and make the effort. The current principal runs a tight ship and discipline is good if not perfect. Athletics are a mixed bag but overall there are plenty of opportunities for kids to participate. Band, choir, FFA, UIL Speech & Debate as well as an active Key Club service organization are among extracurricular activities. Two of my kids have graduated from LHS and I can honestly say that I felt they were in a safe learning environment and in this day and age that means something.

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June 4, 2013

My child attended Lampasas from 1-12 grades. She then after attended Texas Tech University and struggled with all her core classes. Her adviser said it was due to the poor education she recieved from Lampasas. She was in all AP classes and made all A's and B's. This school will not prepare your child for college. Attendance and State Testing is their main concerns.

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May 23, 2013

This school is absolutely dreadful. I've been attending LHS for two years now and it has been the worst experience of my life thus far. God forbid you aren't a part of the football team or the small sports and athletic department they do offer or you literally amount to nothing. The food is putrid and the school is packed like a sardine can 90% of the time due to all of the nonexistent funding we do receive going to the meat-head football coaches to support our terribly ungifted team. Technology is severely out of date and pretty much inaccessible to students. Lampasas High School honestly only cares about sports and attendance as you get lunch detention if you are late to class more than three times per semester. Attendance is unreasonable and put above any other factors on the 'Important List'. The teachers at the school are apathetic towards the students education and the connect between parent-teacher is virtually nonexistent unless they are old high school buddies or share the same football team. The students are ignorant and the base community is white supremacists only attending simply because it's required. I wouldn't allow my worst enemy to attend this sad school.

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April 15, 2011

We are a Military family and have been many places and this is one of the best schools my children have been to. I am so happy that we picked this small town school for our kids. My son graduated last year and is currently in college. My daughter is about to graduate and she is very prepared. The teachers are great. They know how to interact with the youth. Keep it up LHS!!!!!

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September 11, 2009

Our teachers are great and im learning alot. Academics are wonderful. The band has been a great experience. Our coaches are mostly hired right out of college and causes the school alot of grief. They make the players look bad with such poor coaching. Overall Lampasas High School is a great place.

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January 24, 2009

In my opinion, I don't like LHS at all. They are building a new high school, which will open this next school year, and my class with be the first to graduate. They are thinking of uniforms, and seniors can't have off periods, and no off campus lunch. At first I was excited for the new school, but now I'm not. They have been putting gates up all around the school now, because middle school gets to go to the current LHS, and it's closed in. There isn't enough space. And there's no courses to take at all, they are all lame. There's like 5 elective choices. And next school years, the seniors are just going to have a bunch of study hall classes because most juniors this year are only going to need 3 or 4 classes next year. LHS needs work, teacher wise.

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October 25, 2008

Personally, I think this school has just been getting worse over the years. Im a sophomore this year at Lampasas High and I have been attending LSID all my life. We finally are getting a new high school built for next years term but, in five or ten years THAT school will probably be too small. There is NO cool courses I can take that can prepare me for college. Like, they tell us that we have to take at least two years of a foreign language, but they only give us the choice of Spanish 1 and 2. So for the people that already know the language of Spanish has to sit through two years of a pointless class that they can be using for classes they want and need to take to prepare them for college. That's just the beginning..

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September 10, 2008

If I had a chance to do it all over again I would have placed my children in a different school district. Every year I tell my children things will get better and every year I feel like I have lied to my children. My kids ties to friends is the only reason I kept them in this school district.

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July 27, 2008

If your looking for a school that can prepare your child for higher learning this is a good school. If you want a school that handles diversity well than this is not the school for you. If your child is interested in softball or volleyball this school is not for you. We have the poorest run programs in the state of Texas. We do have great programs in soccer,tennis,basketball,golf,and band.

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June 15, 2008

This will be my 2nd year at LHS, and honestly, i think this is a horrible school. Teachers don't care about you. Unless your in sports, that's a huge thing here. If your're not in sports, your NOTHING. Teachers here are rude and very disrespectful. A few of my teachers this past year told my class that we weren't capable of doing anything on our own. They don't teach very well, at all. SOME teachers do help you out, and try their hardest. But, its a select few. Content Mastry is a place for anyone to go if they need somewhere to go, so it's not fair who those who actually need to go. There's almost no course selections. They are taking so many classes out. And when i got here last year, they were completely rude to me. It's not a place i'd let my kids go, ever.

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May 29, 2008

Too much emphasis on attendance, little interest in actual teaching. Open campus at lunch time encourages tardiness, and other infractions like smoking, etc. Out of Touch withstudents

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April 23, 2008

The work or lack there of in this school has, if anything, stopped any potential higher learning I may try and accomplish. Moving from a bigger school i did expect there to be a slight change in pase but not to such a slow and meaning less point. I have for the most part just revisited on things i have learned in the past not alowing me be properly preped for collage. If you are thinking of bring your children to this school and wish for them to complete anything other then high school dont wast your childrens time.

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