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Robert M Shoemaker High School4

Killeen, TX | Bell County


October 27, 2014

SHS is the worst the school my children have ever attended, going from honor roll to barely passing and flunking. Teachers walk in pass out a handout and you are expected to teach yourself and finish all assignments. And Good Lord don't let the child have a doctor's appointment you will never make that work up. Sports what a joke, coaches are incompetent and win 2-4 games a season and the whole school raves about what a great coach, who doesn't even attend JV games. Plays black players over others for no reason but skin color, sits quality players behind the black kids. School, administration, teachers and coaches are all a joke, send your children elsewhere.

Submitted by a parent

August 20, 2013

Wonderful school .my 3 kids graduated from shoemaker.never had problems in no sense.a lot of students keep in sports .no bad dress and vulgarity like other schools out of the state.love shoemaker and still had our on there this year .his a senior and can't wait to school starts for him.i recommended to parents and don't listen to some negativity that could affect the decision to pick this school.love it!!!

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August 4, 2013

This school is just as good as any other. They have great clubs and the teachers are good. I think the bad rap is unjustified.

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June 27, 2013

As a former student at shoemaker high school I look at all of these reviews and shake my head. I was. Apart of the first freshmen class when the school changed over from the Ellison 9th grade center in 2000. My years at shoemaker were some of the best years of my life a quality education from teachers who cared and I have made life long friends in the process. Many of the reviews I have read are negative and though times have changed and so have the teachers that is a great school to go to and I am proud to call myself a gray wolf. Most of you parents who are complaing about the quality of education need to look back at your own because most of you can't even spell let alone speak clearly. I would deffinately send my children to shoemaker if I still lived in Killeen. Next year is our ten year reunion and I can't wait to be back and see all of my old friends and walk around my old stomping grounds. So in a few words they were the best years of my life and would love to re-live them over again.

February 26, 2013

This school is just out for itself and the testing shows it. Plus the teachers on disabity board don't have a clue what their doing.The coach on the board says that Texas Disability excuses are no good.So your not suppose to take students to doctors appointment by what he says.Also they have an excuse for everything, saying its the students fault.Then have enough since to send the parents emails and tell them when the students need homework ect.But when the student ask they get told i don't know or don't have anything ready.This has gone on for weeks. THIS SCHOOL IS LOW ON ALL LIST, AND LOW ON PEOPLE WHO MAKE IT OUT OF THE PIT.Send students to another school its worth it.In a meeting i even got told he would get all the work given to him or i could pick it up, 5 weeks and they still give excuses to both of us. Only rated a STAR cause it wouldn't let go on without a STAR

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December 31, 2012

This is by far the best high school I have attended. My interest was engineering and I was able to join the class in 2012 it was amazing in the determination from students and teachers. They have a lab with all the equipment and more to build an award winning robot. When you join you just feel welcome with the friendly faces you will encounter. Go Grey Wolves! Previous student

Submitted by a student

November 12, 2012

Although I appreciate the racial diversity at Shoemaker - It seems as though if your not African American then you do not deserve a chance at anything in the school. At first, my 9th grader loved SHS... but after a few weeks, it was clear that my caucasian daughter has not only been shunned by other students, but by coaches and teachers. With the african american population at SHS being extremely high, Caucasian students are treated differently, and not fairly. The coaching staff takes a "if you don't like it, then quit the team" approach to any concerns voiced by students or parents. The bullying at SHS toward Caucasian students is horrendous. My daughter absolutely hates SHS, and begs us every day to transfer her out. We are currently waiting on our home to sell, and move out of KISD and away from SHS (even if it means we commute an hour to work on Ft. Hood). I also think the schools policy of determining who is on varsity sports (based ONLY on age/grade level) is far from fair. Other schools in KISD base varsity level on SKILL, which is how it should be. SHS needs to get with the program, recognize that there is a HUGE racial divide, and do something about it.

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June 17, 2012

I am ok with this school, but there is a problem with the girls soccer team. I think they only scored one point the whole season! Not the girls fault, but the coach. He is friends with his "star" players parents, and the girl is awful, just stands on the field. He should have moved her after the first couple of games, but he sacrificed the whole team because he's friends with her parents. Shameful, and not fair to the actual good players on the team.

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September 27, 2010


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April 17, 2010

Excellent principal, assistant principals, staff, students and teachers. My department is great because the teachers work well together. Although some parents are great, most parents does not register to parent connect to check there children's grades and attendance.

Submitted by a teacher

March 2, 2010

This school has good teachers but the staff from the office to attendance are just there for decoration. Sometimes I wonder how they retain the good teachers because it's like the administration doesn't care. <aybe if they get rid of all the staff thats just there to dress up the place it could be a great school.

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February 25, 2010

just as there are a few bad students who ruin it for the good students there are always some teachers who do the same. Dual credit classes and AVID classes are looked upon as the highest academic achievements while AP students are almost ignored. It can get frustrating especially when the teachers are punished for doing something that an AP class should be able to do.

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February 23, 2010

i like being at SHS, would love to stay there

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February 6, 2010

Administration really needs help! Teachers care or just go along. Those that care are forced into situations where they must comply with individual parental statements (not requests). New administrators that support pro active teachers and support students are necessary for growing success!

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October 7, 2009

i loved this high school all 4 yrs i always had teachers who cared about me...Though this school teaches a lot of students how to grow up...Over all i think its an amazing school i love the staff

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