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Belton High School6

Belton, TX | Bell County

December 3, 2014

The teachers are okay. They really don't know how to like control there classrooms. They say we're a bad school but it's just the teachers not knowing what to do. I go to the bhs9 and it sucks because we have to walk over when it's cold, rainy, and storming. They wonder why a lot of 9th graders don't come to school. There getting sick.

Submitted by a student

October 20, 2013

My counselor in middle school, Mrs. Tepera, really seemed to take an active interest in her kids. Probably because of our size, the issues people have had with seeing counselors are bad. We are given iPads, which make the learning a lot more fun if you get a teacher that uses them effectively. It is very easy to get ahead at this school, if you are trying. There are plenty of extracurriculars and tons of sports. We got a new principal this year, Mr. Dubois. He seems fine, but I think that if he is going to make any major changes he will probably make them his second year. The curriculum is not very challenging, and this is coming from a very involved student in all pre-AP. However, so many people don't try in school at all that the all you have to do to be in the top 5% is make all As. I don't know much about discipline issues, but I do know that I don't see many problems. I have never personally witnessed any drugs, alcohol, or more than making out in the hallways, despite gossip about it. Bottom line, very easy to succeed at this school. Teachers seem to care about their students and subjects, and are very understanding. I would definitely recommend it.

Submitted by a student

April 16, 2008

The teachers at this high school don't know how to control a classroom, or show any interest in the kids. In some classes, the teacher may complain of the unruliness of the students, yet engage the students in a conversation that is completely off topic with the work that was issued. Personally, engaging students with details about their personal lives; during work time, is severely disruptive and should not be tolerated.

Submitted by a student

January 30, 2008

I was very pleased with the highschool until now.They brought in a new principle from an Jr. High and she is not ready to lead a highschool.

Submitted by a parent

April 7, 2007

My daughter is graduating this May. She has attended BHS all 4 years. I have seen some improvement with Mr. Lawson taking over. He is very approachable and supportive. I was able to reach the counselors through both email and phone to help with her scheduling and class concerns. My daughter has decided she want to be a High school English teacher and was inspired by her English teachers. I give Kudos to Mr. Dudley and before she left, Mrs. Pawelek. they give above and beyond. The only concern in the past was many teachers not eing available for before school tutoring when they told the students they would be there. I appreciate the newsletter that is sent home, I would say they could add more to their webpage. Otherwise I give them an A+!

Submitted by a parent

February 2, 2006

I attended BHS for 3/4 of my time in high school. I liked 90% of my teachers & enjoyed every second of my time there. Staff is overall great, however, it is hard to get in with the councelors (even though there are 4 or 5 of them). Every teacher is required to have a 30 minute tutorial session every morning. The dress code isn't too strict;lunch is great (many choices & it's pretty cheap-$1.90), however not much room, but no one seems to mind too much. Kids are some of the most polite you'll ever meet (lots of manners and respectable). Plenty of computers that are easlily accessable (at least 5 computer labs with 30 computers each). Classes are getting too big (25+ per class). Athletics are important, lots of focus on sports (plenty of choices). Students are encouraged to start any club they want to (by starting petetions)

Submitted by a student

September 4, 2005

High quality administrative staff and teachers. They take some challenging kids and make them successful. Good, no nonsense discipline. High standards among the faculty. Much extracurricular to choose from. High quality fine arts program. Athletics is in a slump now, but they usually get the kids to perform the best they can.

Submitted by a administrator

April 6, 2005

Great variety of academic and sports programs. My son is on the debate and soccer teams and participates with several academic clubs. Parent participation can be lacking at times and there are a lot of students enrolled, but overall, this is an excellent high school.

Submitted by a parent

November 28, 2004

I think this has to many kids per teacher,An the whole school just pushes the kids thru.Wheather they have mastered the basic curriculm or not.

Submitted by a parent

October 17, 2004

Very difficult to get in touch with some of the teachers. E-mail won't usually be answered, and phonecalls might if you are lucky. Many teachers care a lot, but there are also quite a few who do not particularly care about the students or even any special education IEP's.

Submitted by a parent

September 9, 2003

Too many teachers playing solitaire on the computer instead of teaching. Many teachers avoid technology, instead they throw up notes on the overhead and call it a class. Administration does not have the kids best interest, it's apparent as you see kids sprawled all over the floor at lunch since there is no room. Some great teachers, most burned out. One great counselor but she is hard to get to. School board, out of touch with real issues. The majority of kids do not go on to higher education, their high school experience is mediocre at best.

Submitted by a parent

August 31, 2003

Having been in the area for a number of years, I've seen many children advance thru the neighboring school districts. Those children that graduated from Belton High School seemed better able to handle graduation both academically and socially. The community bond in Belton is strong and involvement in the lives of the children is much to the admired. I know for a fact that many have sold their homes in neighboring school districts just to have the opportunity to enroll their children in BISD.

Submitted by a parent

August 23, 2003

While things in the office may not run as smoothly as they could, this is an excellent school-arguably the best in all of Bell County. All teachers seem to genuinely care about each student. Tutorials and conferences periods are offered from students who need extra help. To help jump start students' college carriers, advanced placement courses, AP exams, and dual credit are offered.

Submitted by a former student

August 19, 2003

Although the school does contain some exemplary teachers, far more priority is given to extracurricular activities like football and band than the actual core classes. The graduation rate it high, however this is largely due to the fact that regular core class grades are overly inflated. Students can actually leaves these classes without learning or accomplishing anything.

Submitted by a parent

July 26, 2003

In my opinion, this school doesn't give the children as much freedom as the schools in the surrounding areas. By freedom I mean dress code, cellular phones, and off-campus lunches. Also, the counseling center is very unreliable. No matter how many 'counselor slips' are filled out and turned in, the students still don't get to talk to a counselor in a reasonable response time.

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